How to Gain Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys – 81 Best Tips

How to Gain Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys  - How I was able to fully transform my body, thoughts, personality, and life
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How to Gain Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys

After 7 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the gym, here are the 81 most potent tips on how to gain muscle fast for skinny guys. If you are looking to gain muscle and get fit, look no further.

1. Understand your goals:

Before you embark on this journey, you need to understand what your goals are. How would you ever achieve your goals if you don’t even know what they are ? Figure out if you want to slim down to be healthy, gain muscle, become stronger, get big, etc. Also, make your goals as specific as possible with a deadline. For example, setting a goal to lose weight this year is less effective than setting a goal to lose 10 pounds in two months. 

2. Eat three times a day

Make sure you are eating at least three healthy, balanced meals per day. You will never get big or gain muscle if you aren’t eating enough. That being said, many people fall into the trap of overthinking their diet when they get started, especially regarding how much protein they need to consume. Make sure you are eating an average to above average amount of protein every meal, but don’t overthink it. Most people consume way more protein than they actually need without paying any attention to their diet. 

3. Create a routine

We are what we repeatedly do. Make going to the gym a habit. The eventual goal is to make the gym something you don’t even have to think about. Forming a routine around the gym is the easiest way to accomplish this. Make sure to choose the days, and times you’ll be going to the gym in advance. Be specific with yourself. Decide on the exact time you will be arriving at the gym on the days you go, and the amount of time you expect to stay there. 

4. Craft a workout plan

Know the exact number of sets and repetitions for each exercise you will be doing before you get to the gym. If you want to gain muscle fast, get to the gym with a game plan, and don’t leave until you are finished.

5. Hire a personal trainer

When I first started working out, I had my first ten sessions with a personal trainer. There are a lot of benefits to doing this. You will have someone with years of prior experience to help you with your form off the bat so you avoid injuries. You will also ensure that you are actually working the muscle groups you are targeting.

You would be surprised at how many people end up working the wrong muscle group during an exercise due to imperfections in their form. Lastly, a personal trainer will push you to levels you couldn’t by yourself. New lifters can be prone to go through the motions in the gym, whereas an experienced lifter knows how hard you need to be working in order to get real tangible results. Don’t expect to gain muscle and noticeable strength without working out with a purpose.  

6. Get a workout buddy

One of the best ways to stay consistent in the gym is to find a workout buddy. When you form plans to go workout with this person, there will be extra pressure to not bail on them just because you don’t feel like it. Having someone else to keep you accountable can be a great first step to practicing consistency in the gym. 

7. Go to the gym when you least feel like it

This is arguably the most important bullet on the entire list. In life, everything is easy when we are motivated. That is why the gym is always crowded in January. Millions of people have just set goals for the new year and are excited to make this the best year of their lives. However, the volume of people in the gym slowly returns back to normal once a couple weeks go by when the gym newbies eventually “don’t feel like it anymore”.

If you really want to stay consistent in the gym, you need to deeply internalize this concept. When you least feel like going to the gym, it is really the biggest opportunity of your day. You cannot work on your self discipline muscle at a time that is convenient for you. 

8. Workout with a purpose

Don’t just go through the motions. Work out with a purpose. If you are going to take the time out of your life to go to the gym, make sure you are giving one hundred percent. If you have average workouts, you are going to have average results. If you want to build muscle and get big, you will get out exactly what you put in when. Don’t expect miracles to happen if you do a couple sets while on your phone and then leave. 

If you want to gain muscle as a skinny guy, prepare to work you ass of everyday.

9. Remember your why

One thing that has always helped me to have great workouts is to keep my “why” for working out in mind. When it feels tough to get to the gym, remember why you started. When you have a big enough “why”, you will be able to withstand painful workouts or wake up every morning to drive to the gym. You will know that getting this area of your life handled is more important than any short term discomforts you might experience during the process. 

10. Push your own buttons (remember shit that will motivate you)

When I was in eighth grade, I was playing spin the bottle with about four girls and four guys. I will never forget when one girl landed on me, and explained to the group how I was “like a brother” to her, and she wouldn’t kiss me. She then spun again and landed on my friend, and kissed him right away.

I’ll never forget that feeling of embarrassment and anger. I knew at that moment that something in my life had to change. I never wanted to be seen as a “brother” to any girl ever again. I wanted to gain muscle and get big so girls could see me in a different light. Believe it or not, keeping this and other similar stories in my mind always helps me to get a couple of extra repetitions in when I am feeling lazy.

11. Don’t drool over girls in the gym

Don’t be one of those creeps in the gym who is thrown off by every pretty girl that walks by. Focus on your workout, and just on your workout. There’s a reason why most girls feel so intimidated by the weight section, as the second they walk in there are a million male eyes on their ass. Don’t be a weirdo. 


Never skip legs, you will never get big if you only hit upper body. People that only train their upper body will have only a fraction of the results they could have had in the gym. Not to mention, squatting is a fundamental compound movement that should be part of any serious lifter’s routine. 

13. Keep progress photos

About 6-12 months in

Make sure to keep progress photos from the day you begin. Take photos of yourself or have someone take a photo of you the day you start your fitness journey. If you keep consistent, you will be amazed at the transformation you are capable of. It will be a special moment when you look back at these photos for the first time and realize how much your body, mindset, and life has changed. 

14. Start an instagram

Keeping an instagram can be a cool way to let others in on how your progress is going. It can also be a great way to gather potential sponsors and monetize your posts as you gain more traction and progress on your journey.

15. Set deadlines (concert, festival, etc.)

How to Gain Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys  - How I was able to fully transform my body, thoughts, personality, and life
Ultra 2022

Have upcoming events such as weddings, beach vacations, or festivals already set on your calendar to give you an extra sense of urgency and motivation to achieve your fitness goals. All throughout college, my friends and I would go to Ultra Music Festival In Miami in March. Beginning in the winter, I would begin to really step up my workouts in the gym in order to look as good as possible for the festival. 

16. Do research on supplements

Don’t spend hours looking over supplements. Most of them don’t do anything, and can even give adverse health side effects. In college, I ended up throwing up blood after taking L Arginine pills all week. Be careful with this shit, most of these supplements are not FDA regulated and can really mess you up. That being said, having protein powder for convenience after a workout or using creatine to increase strength and endurance can be a smart move. Find out what works for you.

17. Mix up reps + weights

Mix up reps and weights in the gym if you want to gain muscle fast. Have one week where everything is heavy, in the 1-3 rep range. Another week when reps are in the 4-6 range. Another when reps are in the 8-12 range. Don’t keep things stale, always be shocking your muscles and exposing them to resistance they are not used to. The human body has an amazing capability of adaptation. Do the same workout over and over again and your progress will plateau. 

18. Mix in calisthenics work

It might be tempting to want to only lift weights when just getting started in the gym. Mixing in calisthenics movements such as dips, pull-ups and planches could be advantageous to shocking your muscles, mixing up your workout routines, and having more fun in the gym. Not to mention, you will make the entire gym stop and stare when you are able to master muscle ups. 

19. Pay for a membership for 6+ months to stay motivated

Do not pay for a month by month membership. This will only tempt you to stop going at the end of the month when the membership is finished. Paying for a longer term membership up front will cost more money than a one month membership, but it will subconsciously incentivize you to make the most of the money you spent and keep going to the gym for the entire duration of the membership.

Keep the long term vision in mind. If you end up going for the one month option just to “try it out”, you were never serious about achieving your fitness goals in the first place. 

20. Do not neglect Cardio

Make sure you are mixing in some sort of cardio with your workout routine. Lifting weights is incredibly important, but so is intense aerobic exercise that will leave you sweating through your shirt. I currently have at least two cardio days a week built into my workout routine.

21. Be the crazy guy in the gym

Don’t be afraid to be the crazy guy or girl in the gym. Don’t be afraid to have other people looking at you covered with sweat, working your ass off thinking you are a nutcase. Hey, you might be. I definitely am. But I know I am going to have far better results than the others who are taking it easy and more concerned with how they look in the gym than their results. 

22. Don’t leave until it looks like you took a shower

Now, this is not realistic for everyday you go to the gym. However, make it one of your goals (at least 1-2 times a week) to not leave the gym until you are sweating so much it looks like you just hopped in a pool. People will look at you and think you are insane. Own it. 

23. There is no issue lifting for the opposite sex

When I first started lifting, I just wanted girls to like me. At the time, it was a hell of a motivator, and it still is. Most guys/girls who say attraction from the opposite sex has nothing to do with why they workout are by and large not telling the truth.

24. Don’t become arrogant, stay humble

When you start seeing real results, it can be easy to become a little arrogant and think that you are better than people who aren’t as disciplined in the gym. Don’t fall into this trap of thinking. Remain humble. It is also likely that the people who are less disciplined in the gym than you are have skills in other areas that would take you years of your life to acquire. 

25. Make friends with the trainers

Become friends with the trainers in the gym. When you are in the gym as often as I suggest, you will end up having many encounters with the people who work there. These are great relationships to cultivate. Trainers in the gym could make for amazing workout partners in the future, give you great advice, and even offer you some free perks at the gym. 

26. Don’t tell the world, wait for compliments to come in

When I first started working out, I told the entire world how I wanted to be a big guy more than anything. If I were to do it again today, I would have stayed silent while still putting in the work. People would have realized the difference in my physique by themselves, without me telling them about my fitness goals. There is just something more badass when operating this way. Let your actions and work speak louder than your words. Stay under the radar until it isn’t possible anymore. 

27. Create a transformation video

When you are a couple years into your journey, create a transformation video to show the timeline of your progress. Post this video on youtube, or a social media of your choice to inspire others on a similar journey. This video might also make you tear you up when you watch it on occasion and see how far you have come. 

28. Ask your friends to tag along

Before embarking on this journey, ask your friends if they want to come along. If they do awesome, if they don’t, that’s cool too. Don’t force or judge any of your close friends if they are not into fitness or have a desire to change their physique. Not everyone has this desire. 

29. Mix in martial arts for cardio

A great way to mix up your workout routine and acquire some real life skills is to substitute a mixed martial arts session with treadmill or stairmaster for the week. You will get a hell of a workout, and also learn how to defend yourself in real world situations. As soon as I have the time and money to start martial arts classes again I plan on doing so. 

30. Super sets to save time

If you want to maximize efficiency in the gym, include supersets in all of your workout routines. A superset is essentially going from one exercise to the next with no rest time. Abs are great to superset with any exercise. If you are really trying to target a muscle, super set exercises that work the same muscle groups. When you take advantage of supersets, your workouts will be more intense, time effective, and leave you with a sweat quicker than imagined. 

31. Compound lifts at first

No matter your experience level, you need to include compound lifts in your workout routine. The four main compound lifts are deadlifts, squats, bench press, and pullups/rows. If you go to the gym day by day and focus on training small muscle groups such as your forearms, and calves, you are going to have a quarter of the results you could have had.

I can’t tell you how many guys I have met that only do bicep curls for a year and then complain that they look the same. Meet with a personal trainer or go online if you are hesitant on your form with these four exercises. 

32. You don’t need to train abs

Most people don’t realize that every compound lift will work their abs in some capacity. Do I train abs? Yeah I do, but I never did when I first started working out. Most people spend too much time focusing on their abs in the beginning, even when they are overweight. Your abs will never show if you have excess fat. Lose weight first and then focus on training your abs. 

33. Don’t have your diet fuck up your progress

Don’t work your ass off in the gym and then cancel out your hard work with a shitty diet. Cheat days on occasion are fine, but don’t expect to have your workouts outweigh your diet. Just remember, food is a temporary pleasure, while having a great body is not. Do you really want to eat that brownie to feel good in the short term while you are driving yourself further away from your long term goals? 

34. Stay off your phone

Unless you are changing the song on Spotify or lowering the volume, stay off your phone in the gym. Don’t get distracted. Our phones today make life so much easier, but also make it so much more difficult to keep focused on our current tasks. It is great to always be a text away from your close friends and family, but it also makes it much easier for you to get thrown off and lose focus.

35. Set a timer for rest periods

If you really want to maximize efficiency in the gym, set a timer for your rest periods between sets. It can be so easy to countdown in your head or just start your next set when you feel like it, but you are bound to waste time and be less efficient when operating in this manner. 

36. No social media in the gym

This should not be a surprise. If you want to gain muscle fast, stay off of social media in the gym. I am guilty of being that guy taking snapchats in the gym mirror and sending it to every girl on my streaks. It made me feel cool when I was a teenager, but this was a colossal waste of time.

I would spend way too much time perfecting the angle and making sure the entire picture was perfect when I should have been focusing on my workout itself. As soon as you get to the gym, ex out of all your social media. You owe it to yourself. 

37. Listen to music

Music can be the best way to amplify your workouts. We all have that one song that pumps us up like no other. Utilize every song that hypes you up, especially when you are going for a new personal record on weight, or just need some extra motivation to get through an exercise you don’t necessarily like. To this day I still use my headphones for every single workout.

38. Have a preset playlist

While music can be an awesome way to spice up your workouts, it can also be a huge distractor. One thing that has helped me to maximize efficiency in the gym is to queue up a festival set that is already an hour plus long. It also helps to have a pre-made playlist ready to go so I don’t need to spend unnecessary time finding a new song for each set I do (I unfortunately sometimes still do this). 

39. Get to know people in the gym

Be friendly to people in the gym. When you are at the gym a lot, you are going to start bumping into the same people over and over again. I always thought it was funny how many people see the same people in the gym every single day but have never sparked up a conversation. Although these people see each other regularly, they will most likely remain strangers forever.

If somebody looks like they are struggling with a certain weight, offer to spot. Give out compliments if you like someone’s outfit, shoes, etc. Spread joy and get to know these people, some of them can end up being your closest friends. Plus, you already have something in common with each other. Everybody in the gym is passionate about fitness, wants to get fit or gain muscle, and have a better life.

40. Don’t sweat if you miss 1-2 days

If you are as intense as me, you are not going to like it when you miss a couple of days in the gym. It’s silly to think like this, but for me it feels like all the progress you have made over the past couple years is going to go away. Really try to understand that if you have been consistent for years at a time, even a week off is not going to do anything to your progress. Sometimes, it might even be beneficial to take a couple days off to let your body rest. 

41. Take advantage of caffeine

I didn’t consume much caffeine of any kind my first couple years working out. About two to three years ago I started drinking coffee before the gym. I guarantee that you will have the most epic workout of your life the first time you try this. It is going to feel like you are the strongest you have ever been with all the stamina in the world. 

42. Take a pre-workout

This is piggybacking after the last bullet, but if you are really trying to get a serious rush before the gym, buy a natural pre workout supplement and take it about thirty minutes before you get to the gym. A real pre-workout does not compare to a single cup of coffee or two. I can describe how this feels all I want but it’s better you try it for yourself. You might find that you get jitters from the caffeine and prefer to workout without a pre workout supplement. It all comes down to personal preference.  

43. Take advantage of intermittent fasting

Especially if your main fitness goal is to lose as much weight as possible, take advantage of intermittent fasting to get fit. The main concept of intermittent fasting is to only eat in a given window of time. The reason this proves to be effective is because we usually don’t realize how much we eat before bed or early in the morning.

These calories can really add up over the course of the day. When you limit all your eating to a given eight or ten hour window, you will cut out loads of unnecessary calories and end the day in a caloric deficit. 

44. Macros are important, but so are micros

Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats) are important to keep track of in order to get into tip top shape. However, you cannot ignore vitamins, minerals, and the overall micronutrients of the food you are eating. If you are eating McDonalds everyday and your macronutrients are exactly where they need to be in order to achieve your fitness goals, you are still going to feel like shit.

Make sure the food you eat is unprocessed, free of added sugar, and full of nutrients. You will feel better, have better workouts, and have more energy. 

45. Just remember, you shouldn’t enjoy this at first

The gym is not going to be fun at first. Don’t expect this to be enjoyable. You are going to be spending hours of your life in the gym, waking up day after day being sore in parts of your body you didn’t even know could get sore. You will look in the mirror and see no changes. This is a long term process.

Think of gaining muscle like having a baby. It takes a certain amount of time. No woman can have a baby in only five months compared to nine if she works extra hard at it. Building muscle takes time, and that is why there are so many people that are out of shape. They want the results now, and they are not willing to go months at a time without seeing any sort of results. No matter what, stay consistent. Embrace the suck!

46. Recovery time (Don’t workout sore muscle groups)

Generally speaking, you should not be working out muscle groups that are still very sore from past sessions. The science behind gaining muscle comes down to muscle tearing, and muscle rebuilding. When we workout, we cause physical tears in our muscles and our body rebuilds these tears outside of the gym. Recovery time is crucial, and overtraining can result in injury and halts to your progress.

47. Wear cutoffs to the gym

When I first started working out, I was too afraid and insecure to wear anything to the gym that showed my arms and shoulders, I thought I was too small. As I started gaining muscle and experience, wearing cutoffs to the gym started to become gratifying, as I could see first hand the result of my hard work. This in turn motivated me to work even harder. 

48. You should have a six pack

If you are going to be a regular in the gym, it is my own humble opinion that you should have a visible six pack when flexing. There are many guys and girls I see in the gym who are very strong, but they look like shit. I would rather look like I can fight a bear than actually be able to fight a bear. If you are a powerlifter, fair enough. If not, look like you workout. Don’t just be a fat guy or gal who happens to be strong. 

49. Don’t mess up your posture

All I wanted was a big chest when I was a beginner. I remember going to the gym and just doing bench press for the entire duration of my workout. As time went on, I began to experience an imbalance in my posture, where my shoulders rounded forwards from my lack of back and rear delt training. It can be easy to want to do endless reps of bench press for a bigger chest or endless pull ups for a bigger back, but always remember to work the opposite muscle group to keep a balanced physique and to avoid any issues with your posture.

50. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is just a generally good habit to get into. The more water there is in your muscles, the better they will perform in your workouts. You will be stronger, have better endurance, and just overall feel healthier. 

51. Listen to your body with supplements

If you choose to take supplements, listen to your body. What I mean by this is that if you experience any health side effects after starting a supplement routine, immediately stop.A couple days after I started taking L-Arginine in college I began to have pain in my stomach whenever I ate. I kept taking it. It wasn’t until I threw up blood one evening where I decided it was time to stop. Don’t be stupid with this stuff. Health always comes first. 

52. Find your favorite fitness Youtubers/influencers

Scour the web and start following a few select fitness youtubers. It can be helpful to see how people with years of experience at the gym think about fitness, diet, recovery, etc. Don’t think you have to go out there and learn everything by yourself. That is the reason why you are reading this article, to learn from my mistakes. Do the same with as many people as possible, experiment with everything, and eventually decide what works for you. 

53. Look up Zyzz

The whole “zyzz” movement is pretty immature looking back at it, but this guy was a huge motivator for me when I first started working out. Search his name and watch a couple of his videos. This guy and debatably Connor Murphy were some of my biggest inspirations when I desperately wanted to gain muscle as a skinny guy.

54. Don’t become obsessed with watching fitness youtube videos

While it can be great to start following influencers on Youtube to get tips to speed up your fitness journey, don’t become obsessed with watching these videos. When the only thing you do is binge watch these individuals’s videos, you start caring more about their lives than your own. This is the very reason why I seldom watch ‘vlogs’ on Youtube anymore. I am too busy working to ensure my life is epic in the future. Moral of the story is that these videos can be helpful but like everything in life, do not overdo it. 

55. Find a fit partner

Thinking about getting into a long term relationship? What better way to progress through your fitness journey than having a partner with the same goals. Spend more time together by going to the gym together, spot each other for heavy weight, and be there to motivate each other. An added benefit of this is that you never have to worry about your partner becoming overweight 🙂

56. Health is most important

Health will always come over how you look. Look at professional bodybuilders. They might look “great” to a select few individuals, but their bodies are not functioning well. An average professional bodybuilder’s heart is two times the size of a normal persons.

While it might be the most tempting thing in the world to take drugs or steroids to have you look a certain way right now, you need to keep in mind that this will come with long term side effects that are potentially irreversible. 

57. Don’t do steroids

When I interned at my local gym my senior year of high school, there were many cases where I had the connections to start a steroid cycle right there and then. I am grateful everyday that I didn’t make this choice. Our bodies are capable of incredible things naturally.

Never even think about taking steroids until you have ten years of natural lifting under your belt. Humans have the tendency to want things right now, and have a hard time looking into the distant future. This is most likely a result of how we have evolved and our underlying psychology. 

58. Don’t become impatient

You are unlikely to see any real, tangible results in the first couple of months. Don’t become discouraged or unmotivated. While I am starting this blog, I know it is most likely to make no money for 6 months to a year. But I know for a fact that if I am consistent, I will have the potential to make lots of money in the future. Have the same mindset about the gym.

We keep coming back to this concept, but it cannot be repeated enough times. Results do not come overnight. Nobody is an overnight success. If you are seriously want to gain muscle as a skinny guy, remember that those who put in the work every single day and are consistent will be the ones who win in the end. 

59. Begin to see which body parts are lagging

After you are a year or two into this journey you will start to realize that some body parts will grow with relatively little work, while others require more attention. Be sure to keep tabs on your physique and start to prioritize muscle groups that are “lagging”, or less developed than the others. 

60. Make sure to stretch

This is especially important after cardio and intense leg training sessions. If you never stretch, your muscles will become tight and you will undoubtedly become less flexible as time goes on. Make this a part of your gym routine from the very beginning. 

61. Learn proper gym etiquette

There are a lot of unspoken rules about gym etiquette. Off the bat, you should never be doing bicep curls in a squat rack. There are a million places to do bicep curls in the gym, and when you choose the squat rack, all you are doing is giving people one less place to squat when there are already a limited amount of squat racks.

Furthermore, Make sure you always wipe off the benches and machines you were using when you are sweating. Make sure that you are not stealing someone’s bench or machine when they are standing nearby it. There are too many of these to name, overall just make sure you are being polite and respectful to others in the environment. 

62. Don’t be a gym simp

Laugh all you want at this. There is a reason why this is included in the list. When you go to the gym, you are there to make your life better. You are there to focus on you, to become a better version of yourself. If you are near someone who is having trouble taking off the weights, yes of course you should help them. The issue lies in when men are scanning the gym for cute girls they can help take off or move weights for. This shit is creepy and is not a good use of your time. Don’t be a simp. 

63. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers for a spot

Do not be afraid to ask strangers in the gym for a spot. When you are working out with someone else, we often have better workouts. We tend to work harder because we know someone is there to help if we happen to get into a situation where we are unable to get the weight off of ourselves. When we are working out by ourselves, we know that there is nobody to help us, and we might often not go for that last repetition.

A way around this is to ask people in the gym for a spot if you feel like you might need it. I have never had anybody turn me down when asking for a spot. People in the gym are happy to help you out. They will cheer you on and give you a high five when you get your target amount of reps. These people are just like you and want to see you succeed. This is also a great way to start friendships in the gym. Seriously, give this a try. 

64. Don’t be afraid to grunt

Don’t be afraid to grunt. When you are working hard and striving towards a goal, you are going to be grunting and making sounds in the gym. Don’t be insecure about this, the only people that will judge you or give you looks are people that don’t know what it’s like to work that hard, to want something so bad. Let the normal people give looks and comments while you strive towards an extraordinary life. They are just taking up space. 

65. Don’t overthink if you are skinny

One of my first times in a commercial gym I was doing shoulder press. I was not using a lot of weight, but I was still working my ass off. I will never forget this. There were two friends working out together on the bench next to me. They started laughing at me indirectly , most likely because I was using miniscule weight.

Today the joke is most likely on them. I can bet $100,000 I look better than both of those guys. Situations like this are rare but might happen, and it will be a huge ego hit when it does. Use these moments as more fuel to your workouts, more motivation to work your ass off every time you set foot in there. Generally speaking though, people will not laugh at you no matter how fat, skinny, or inexperienced you appear to be in the gym. 

66. It’s not weird for you to take your shirt off in the summer

When you have a couple years of experience down in the gym and are now officially known as the official meat head of your friend group, don’t be embarrassed to take your shirt off in the summer or when the weather is nice. Just because your shirt is off does not necessarily mean that you want to “show off”, it just means that you want to take your shirt off because it’s hot. Don’t let others judge you for this, they are most likely a little insecure about their own bodies. 

67. Enjoy the attention

Enjoy the attention. We all want to gain muscle to feel more confident and have a better life. Go to a myriad of festivals and social events. It is an incredible feeling to get the attention of an entire group of people without even having to say a single word. Let your body do the talking.

Enjoy the moments when girls “mistakenly” trip and latch onto you to regain their balance, when random girls grab your ass in the middle of the crowd. You are now officially an outsider, and being different has never felt so good. 

68. Don’t let dieting ruin your social life

If you want to be extreme about your diet, no shame. Right now summer is approaching, and I am definitely more cautious of what I am eating. However, I believe there is a balance to this, especially if you are just a recreational lifter. If it is a special occasion and your finances, physique and mental health are on point, take a night to go out with your friends and have a couple drinks and some food.

Putting in the work is important and there are many times in my life right now where I would rather be working than “playing”. However, the only reason why I am working so hard is so that I can play all I want in the future. Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

69. Find clothes that fit well (not too tight)

Don’t spend countless hours in the gym to get big and then wear some shitty clothes that don’t fit your body in a flattering way. Find shirts and pants that complement your body nicely. When you are first starting, you are going to want to wear shirts that are way too tight so you look bigger. I’ve been there and done that, I get it. Show off the gains. Once you get a little older you will start to realize that you want to be a little more discreet, and will buy some clothes that aren’t too tight but still show off your hard work. 

70. Get a fitness app

Get a fitness app to help you stay consistent and motivated. Many fitness applications these days are free, and incredibly helpful for beginners. They also include full workout plans, meal prep tips and tactics, and other helpful resources for when you get started. 

71. Use gym as therapy

Had a bad day at work? Go to the gym. Lost a friend? Go to the gym. Girlfriend cheated on you? Go to the gym. You’d be surprised at how effective the gym is at relieving anger and stress after you exert yourself to the tee. 

72. Don’t workout directly after eating

This is just a general rule of thumb for most people. If you have a big meal directly before going for a workout, you are going to feel more sluggish and tired than you normally would. Make sure to time your gym sessions throughout the day after you have had ample time to digest, or even before you have eaten at all. 

73. Enjoy the process

Hopefully you are now clear regarding how to gain muscle fast for skinny guys. Enjoy the journey, this shit is going to change your life. Remember to not be discouraged when you see no results in 1-2 months. This is a life-long journey. Be in this for the long haul. If this was easy, everybody would be in tip top shape. 

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